The secret to a stress-free wedding morning?

The secret to a stress-free wedding morning? Getting your timings right.

Firstly, you need to speak to your hair and make-up artist’s as they will advise you on a breakdown of times to get you looking your best without rushing around. I allow 45 minutes per person when getting my bridal parties ready.

Next you need to think what is important to you on your day? Everyone is different, it might be getting that perfect shot of you getting into your dress with a helping hand from your mum / maid of honour, or giving out gifts to your bridesmaids, having time to capture these moments are all things that take up time.

Although they may not sound like it when you’re planning your wedding, when the day comes it really runs away so PLEASE make sure you take the time you need to take in these little moments that build up your big day and make it the special day it is.

Thirdly make sure you eat & drink enough (not just champagne) The last thing you want is to feel faint on your wedding day, so making sure you eat and drink plenty is so important. I’d advise nothing to heavy, spice or garlic you don’t want to give your groom or guest a nice surprise (we’ve all been there).

Lastly have FUN, its not often we all get to sit back and relax whilst getting treated like a queen!

Much Love

Lucy x

Cambridgeshire | Hertfordshire


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