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My every day look. I will always Serum and Moisture before I apply any Make Up. The products I’m currently using are in my skin care routine blog post so go check it out. Firstly, I always apply a primer this is a MUST have product! I love the Bare Minerals BB Primer in light; it’s so silky smooth stopping your foundation from sitting in any open pore or dry patches. If you feel like your foundation isn’t lasting all day and night and you’re not using a primer that will be why! This product is also great, if like me, you have uneven red blotchy skin. It will even out your skin tone and give your foundation more coverage.

My second product is my all-time favourite Complexion Rescue from Bare Minerals this product is excellent if you need to pop out quickly or even you just want that quick easy glowy skin ready for the school run or if you have a little more time and you want to have more of a full coverage Make Up.

I like to use this product just before I apply my Bare Minerals original foundation as it gives me that super natural full coverage look without masking your face. Also if you suffer from dry skin this is perfect for you, even better this has a SPF 30! This for me is the best bit, I’m so sensitive to sun cream and normally would come up in a reaction, so this has been my little life safer. As I actually use this when away as a sun cream and haven’t once burnt or had a reaction. Perfect if you ask me a true multi tasker product.

Moving onto the BEST product I have ever used. At first I really didn’t get it, a powder as a foundation? I simply didn’t believe it would work. If I’m honest didn’t actually have a clue what I was doing with this powder. But boy did it finally become a massive game changer. Hand on heart, I can honestly say this product is something I wouldn’t ever change. As you buff it into your skin, it warms into a cream, giving you a flawless fresh looking skin that is breathable and natural. I love this product because your skin doesn’t looked caked or masked in Make Up it just enhancing your natural beauty which I believe Make Up should be all about.

Once I have applied my base products I always set them with my Bare Minerals Bare skin setting powder this will leave your face not only looking radiance and soft but it also absorbs any oils left of the surface making your Make Up last forever!

Then move onto lighting and contouring my face. I use the Bare Skin serum concealer and Nars Creamy concealer I mix them together as I love the way the Bare Minerals is really hydrated and brightening but I love the full coverage on the Nars. I then warm my face up with my Anastasia Beverly Hills contour kit, this has truly lasted forever it is a bit pricy but it’s totally worth it!

Then I will add a little blush to my cheeks I like to smile and apply it to my cheeks, then blend out, this is the Bare Minerals The Aphrodisiac, this is a super natural colour which I would say pretty much anyone can use, very pretty and natural.

Last of all I will add mascara, lipstick, lip gloss and add a bit of depth into the socket of my eye with the lighter shade in my Anastasia Beverly Hills contour kit.

Have you got small eye lashes? Well the mascara I use is Lash Domination Bare Minerals. I always struggled with my lashes as silly me decided to get Eye lash extensions and they ruined my eye lashes. So if you want your lashes to grow I really recommend this product! I like to mix my lipstick up for my every day look depending how I’m feeling.

This is all so quick and easy to recreate, you will notice I use a lot of BareMineral product this is because they are best suited to my skin and have really improved my skin over the years of using them.

So my top ten steps are -

  1. Serum

  2. Moisture

  3. Prime

  4. Complexion

  5. Foundation

  6. Contour

  7. Blush

  8. Eyes

  9. Lips

  10. Selfie :-)

I really hope you enjoyed this blog post, keep looking out for the next post.

Love Lucy

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