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All the time I'm asked how to get a "Quick Fix" it seriously doesn't happen, yes there are some "LUCKY” people who might just use soap all their life and have good skin but the reality is that it’s not everyone. So if you seriously want beautiful skin, well girls and boys you've got to work for it! Like most things in life it doesn't happen overnight.

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Having a good daily skin care routine is so important. Personally I like something to be quick and easy. So for me I want something I can do in the shower or a quick wash over the sink but there are times where I will pamper myself.

This is my current routine, I have to say for cleansing I have a fight. I can’t decide which product I like best! There’s only two I promise, personally I love both! The BareMinerals PURE PLUSH™ Gentle Deep Cleansing Foam I love this product as it makes me feel so CLEAN I love that squeaky clean feeling after a day of wearing Make Up and you don’t have to tone after, perfect right?

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The smell is amazing with the scent of Grapefruit and Infused with Elderflower and Rosemary Extracts, plus mineral-rich Sea Salts which is all super good for your skin. Another reason I love this product is it’s so natural, I’m a massive fan for all natural product, and I like to look after my skin instead of putting chemicals onto it. This product is a really good daily cleanser which leaves your skin feeling exceptionally pure, freshly revitalized and comfortably smooth. Although I love this cleanser if you do tend to get dry I wouldn’t recommend it hence why I fight against two products, my second best is the all rounder Cleanse & Polish™ Hot Cloth Cleanser by Liz Earle. I personally think is a really good cleanser if you have dry or sensitive skin the product is enriched with cocoa butter to soften, smooth and moisturise, along with rosemary, chamomile and eucalyptus which leaves your skin feeling silky soft after washing. This is the product for dry skin and again it is totally natural. The only down side to this product is I personally feel like I need to tone after as i don't feel like my skin isn’t squeaky clean.

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Eye cream I have to admit I always thought why do I need eye cream at the age of 23? Like do I really need to spend £30.00 on my eyes? Who does that? Do people really do this at my age? Isn’t it just all a bit much? They were all my thoughts when someone first told me I needed to use eye cream I think I was actually about 18 at the time when I first got into beauty. I have slowly become to realise the beauty of eye cream five years on.. YES EYE CREAM IS IMPORTANT so important even my boyfriend will back me up with this one.

Who out there puts there normal moisturiser under their eyes? I know I did, the best way to think about it is touch your skin on your cheeks then touch the skin around your eye. It is so much thinner around your eye, so the products designed for your face will slowly build up on your eye area which isn’t going to keep you looking younger and healthier like we all want. I’m in love the new Brilliant Future™ Age Defense & Renew Eye Cream from BareMinerals at the moment but I haven’t used it long enough to give a true write up so next month I will do a review on the product for you all. If you have dark circles or worry about bags I can totally recommend the Origins™ Mega Bright Dark Circle Minimizer my boyfriend has struggled with dark circles and bags for a really long time and since using this product I can’t even begin to explain how much better his eyes look.

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The world of serum. SERUM has done big things to my skin care routine, there isn’t a day I could go without it. SKINLONGEVITY™ Vital Power Infusion serum by BareMinerals is a massive game changer, in winter I suffer with dry dull looking skin, without my serum my skin would feel super tight, really uncomfortable and my Make Up would be all patchy so I’d feel really uncomfortable about going places like this, but I no longer have this worry as my skin is always super hydrated at all times. The serum has a Long Life Herb Extract at its core, the formula helps to promote skin's vitality, replenishing it with moisture and reawakening the look of youth. Skin is left feeling empowered, renewed and fortified, with enhanced resilience and a glowingly healthy look.

Moisturiser the BUTTER DRENCH™ Restorative Rich Cream BareMinerals is hands on the best moisturiser I have ever used, I love, love, love it! When I apply this to my skin I feel like it’s so luxurious and smooth. My skin just feels happy and lifted by the rich cream. Perfect for dry to very dry skin the product is enriched with Shea Butter. If you have dry skin I could not recommend this enough.

As well I use a mask and exfoliator two times a week, this is where I like to pamper myself, have a bath and make the most of my pamper evening. The exfoliator I absolutely adore is the Gentle Face Exfoliator™ from Liz Earle, this makes your face feel like a babies bottom, it’s so soft. I’ve actually tried a few exfoliators and this has come up as my all-time favourite, it isn’t rough on the skin which I’ve found with some. This exfoliator you will see a physical difference in your skin just after ONE use which I think is amazing. You’ll be sat stroking your face all evening. The importance of using an exfoliator is so that you can get rid of any dead skin on the surface which you cannot get rid of in any other way, it helps with black heads and spots as well as making sure you’re having a deeper clean to the skin freeing you from all the dirt from your skin which could be causing issues. Your skin will also look a lot brighter and healthier from doing this twice a week.

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Last of all masks, these are truly my hidden secret, although I have shared my top secret with my best friend only because I love her. I have a mask that if you break out you NEED! no ifs or buts the Out Of Trouble ® Origins face mask is a god send. I don’t even know how it works and I’ve been using it for over 2 years now but it is a miracle! If I wake up with a spot and I’m going out that evening which always happens when I have somewhere to go, I’ll pop this on and by the evening it’s gone, it truly is a life saver. However I don’t put this all over my face I only put it on my bad boy spot that might just appear overnight on the other areas of my face I use the Drink up® Origins mask, this is a beauty 10 minute mask to quench skins thirst. I either do this in the bath or sleep in it. As you’ve probably already realised my skin can get dry but also oily hence why I mix my masks up. Both of these masks I love for two different reasons but they both do exactly what they say they do. Also the products last forever, I actually had both masks for over a year, so really good value for money.

I really hope this has been some use to you, personally I decided to change my skin care because I really wasn’t happy. I was fed up of having to use antibiotics for my skin, it really affected my confidence. As girl’s we all struggle at times and that’s okay, but everyone can make a change even simple small steps at a time. I always recommend natural products to anyone even if you don’t have any issues with your skin they are simply the best for you. This routine might not be for your skin type or for you but if you’re struggling with your own skin make that change it could be the best thing you do.

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